Itabag Meetup Los Angeles
3pm-4pm Sun. July 17th
Location: Infront of the Little Tokyo Mall stairs (on the side where ficklewish is) 319 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Please Join us for our post AX itabag meetup!

Come show off your hard work and dedication among other itabag makers! This will be a casual meetup for group photoshoots and trading items if you wish. Boys with ita armor are more than welcome as well- we want the full spectrum of ita lifestyle! Let’s celebrate the growing community of itabag makers in the Los Angeles area and show the world how much we love our characters! Please help us spread the word by inviting friends to the event or sharing the flyer above on instagram or tumblr!

If you have any questions please send an email to info@animeresearchgroup.com
Join the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1042753632483172/

In honor of our 3rd year anniversary, we’ll be screening anime films and OVA’s at a Manhattan theater (and now Los Angeles) once per month for all of 2015! Our selections will consist of anime films we wish to bring to light outside of japan. Everyone is welcome to join! We’ll post the selected titles at the beginning of every month along with location and dates through our mailing list. Please come along and research with us as we explore an abyss of amazing anime!

What is Anime Research Group?

Anime Research Group is an informal New York City-based organization that works to organize various cultural and educational events related to Japanese animation. We started as a anime club that would assemble at a member’s apartment (which still continues today), using it as a hub to watch and discuss anime and japanese culture. The group formed organically over time and within the group are artists, writers and designers that all bring a spectrum of personal interest that enriches and expands the group to where it is now.

Co-founder Michelle Ceja on starting the research group:

 I’ve had an on going fascination with the impact of manga and anime as a cultural phenomenon that assimilates into multiple facets of japanese life. One of my goals for starting the research group was not only a personal interest to dive into the breadth of the medium, but to also learn the semiotics in relation to Japanese history and culture.

 Manga in post WWII Japan, gave the population a means of projection as a tool for affirming the impact of hiroshima through media. I often think anime and manga serves as a space for escapism. Especially now, the growth of anime and the manga industry produce more and more characters that exist beyond just image. These characters are also transposed into multiple forms of existence from commodities and objects, to vocaloid programs allowing a world for people to not only project their own desires but to also embody them.